Adele – Hello

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Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean

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"Overwhelmed" (Official Music Video)

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New Album Words & Actions!

Hey all you animals, check out our new full length album Words & Actions. Buy the Album

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Carly Rae Jepsen – "I Really Like You" Cover Ft. Tom Denney

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Eminem – "Rap God" – Cover!

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We thought we’d cover a song for the broken hearted this Valentines Day! Let us know what you think!!

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THATS A WRAP! The Smokin Aces tour was fun as hell! Thank you to Consider Me Dead and Caramel Carmela

The Animal in Me

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Playing the Colonial Cafe

Playing tonight in Sacramento at the Colonial Cafe. Going on at 11pm.

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EL PASO, TX! YOU’RE UP! Come hang out at Electric Banana!


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